About US:

We tried HAVVN JUSHAVVN Go Sticks and HAVVN Skin Cream from one of our friends who is a very successful IBO.  We were thrilled with the improvement in how we felt and loved the fact that everything is All Natural. Our daughter's co-workers at her Hospital in Denver keep asking her "What are you doing, you look great!".  Our 78 year old Mother in Seattle loves the taste and how JUS has made her feel better. We are completely in love with the products.  JUS is awesome, the DNA Skin Care System is remarkable to say the least, and the GO Sticks are a life saver!

 We then had to decide how best to purchase  HAVVN JUS, HAVVN  DNA Skin Care and HAVVN Go Sticks.

 Our question then was: 

    Should we become a HAVVN Retail Customer? 

It is very simple to purchase Retail and it mostly guarantees that we wouldn’t be bothered to try to “Sell” HAVVN Products as you can “Opt Out” of the email lists.  This was a Good Option. 

    Should we become a HAVVN Preferred Customer? 

Just for signing up for a monthly automatic shipment we would receive up to a 25% discount on our Auto-Shipped purchases depending on which products we ordered.  Additionally, we can qualify for the Annual Free Shipping Club.  It is VERY cost effective.  Significantly Better Option! 

    Should we become a HAVVN IBO (Independent Business Owner)? 

As we were talking it over, we put a calculator to it and discovered becoming an IBO was the most cost effective way to purchase and use HAVVN Products. Our original signup package contained value of products that far exceeded the signup price, we became eligible for the LIFETIME Free Shipping Club, and we could make a COMMISSION on others. Additionally, we calculated that we would get our original investment back after bringing in as little as three new IBO's!

 Then the “FEAR” kicked in. 

    But what if we don’t think we are good at “Signing Up” people?   

Many people have a fear of “Selling” their Friends, Family and Acquaintances, yet at the same time will go on for hours about how good the HAVVN products are!  Well, as we are talking about how HAVVN JUS made our hair thicker and make us feel better, and HAVVN DNA reduced our wrinkles and HAVVN Go Sticks keep us alert in the afternoon, we offer and give a sample.  Then we point them to OUR Website for additional information and to place an order.  A couple of weeks later we follow up to see how they are doing.   

    And, how do YOU get a website like this one? 

That is where we come in.  If you are in our “Family” we provide you a Web Site like this and manage it for you at no cost. (Because we can and we want YOU to do well) You choose and register your domain name, point it to our server and we do the rest. (Don’t worry, we can either guide you through the domain name process or do it for you,  and it is very inexpensive).  The actual "Store" is provided by HAVVN and they take care of the rest.

    Do you really make money? 

Yes.  We have received a check every month since we joined.  Some people do very well, as in “Excellent And Early Retirement”, others “Make a Car Payment”, and some get their “Product Free”.  It all depends on how active you are.  And one last thought:  Not only will you "do well", but YOU are helping others become healthy!.  That is a "Win, Win, Win, proposition.  Please contact us now.